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The full story of

Sabal Recovery Centers

I was okay until I wasn't.

If you've ever met someone in recovery then you've probably heard a similar statement - they have it all together in one moment and then, in an instant, the world seems to crumble. For Sabal Recovery owner, Cole Erdman, these six words were the start of a new life. "2020 was a really difficult year. From the pandemic and the professional challenges that accompanied, to personal struggles, the world was starting to spiral around me and my addictions were taking over. I was hurting the people that I loved most in this world." With the support of loved ones and a determination to change, Cole took the first step towards recovery - checking into an immersive treatment center in Florida, and taking back control of his life after years of addiction. 

After returning to Charleston and beginning the rebuilding process, Cole lived in a sober home where he found unexpected friendships and support through a new community of men. It was during this time that he found new perspectives of each person's recovery, understanding how different it is for each individual. "The same approach doesn't work for everyone and I've seen first hand how important a variety of support options is. Watching these other men find their own paths has been such an inspiration and has given me a deep respect for each person's journey." 

Seeing the lack of certified options in Charleston that cater to those individuals who want to transition back to life in a structured and supportive environment, it was an easy decision to open a sober living home of his own. "It means so much to me to be able to pay it forward within the community and to offer a support system that encourages and guides continued success for myself and those around me. For me, it's about moving forward, learning from the past but not continuing to live it in. I am blessed to be able to do this and to walk alongside others who are dedicated to changing their lives for the better." 


What to expect

Sabal Recovery is a men's only home that fosters a sense of community and supports your overall recovery journey as you continue to work through the steps of your journey. While living in our sober home, you will be expected to contribute to the overall running of the house, while also abiding by a set of standards meant to provide structure and support in your overall transition. Each resident will have a certain level of freedom, but will required to adhere to the following: 

  • Respecting nightly curfews and rules regarding overnight stays

  • Completing a set schedule of chores 

  • Attending weekly house meetings 

  • Agreeing to and participating in random drug/alcohol testing 

  • Maintaining your sobriety and working through the steps 

  • Creating a positive environment for fellow residents

  • Fostering peer to peer support and accountability

Length of Stay

It is recommended that residents stay a minimum of 90 days in any sober living house, however your length of stay is completely up to you. There is no set timeline as treatment and recovery are highly individual. Together we will design a plan based on your needs taking into account your external support system, financial situation and where you are in the step process. Our goal is for our home to be your last step before returning to independent living - staying in a sober residence for a longer period of time can vastly improve the foundation for long-term recovery and we welcome the opportunity to be a part of your continued success. 

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